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How nonwoven fabrics are dyed

How do non-woven fabrics be dyed? How much do you know about it?

In fact, color quality is the main quality standard of color products. The successful application of computer color matching system has realized the quantification of color assessment. Quantitative means can be used to quantitatively assess the stability of the raw and auxiliary materials, provide guarantee for the quality of the products, optimize the suppliers, and control the channels of delivery, but we need to emphasize that the computer color matching is only a means of assisting in the quality and scale management of the final products. The most terminative fruit needs to be judged by the human eye. By measuring L, C, H, Delta L, Delta C, Delta H, Delta E or L, a and other optical indicators, we can correctly reflect the difference of colors.


On the base of the formula, the addition of some coloring agents will increase and decrease the variety and dosage of the colorant through the overlap of the color reflection curve and the standard color reflection curve on the display screen, and the two reflection curves are as close to overlap as possible, and the reference formula for adjusting the color difference is obtained. The formula modification program of the computer color matching instrument is also designed according to the above principle, thinking about the color difference caused by various factors. The color matching instrument can modify the color materials prepared by the computer formula or experience, and compare and discs the chromants corresponding to the database in the pigment database, respectively. Count.

When it is necessary to measure a sample, the computer can automatically make a different combination of the color agent of the database and then calculate the color three stimulus value of each formula, and combine the three stimulus values with the sample, so it is bound to add the time of calculation, so the general color matching is designed. There are 3~5 colorants to form a combination, and the operator with the principle of matching color through the hard disk input, a computer selection, thus shortening the application time of the computer. The personnel of the computer color matching need the affirmative skills and experience, so that the instrument can quickly give the formula, which will have different color difference value and different cost for the operator to choose. After the construction of the color database, the measuring database is stored in the computer for a long time, and it can provide service for computer color matching at any time.

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